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Sash windows, sash window repairs and restoration in Hertfordshire

Sash windows are one of the oldest forms of windows in England. This kind of glazed window has been very popular for its several advantages such as beautiful looks, ease of cleaning, effective cooling of interiors during the summer, maximum ventilation, etc. However, you need to take care of their repair and restoration aspect regularly for their prolonged performance. So, if you’re looking for box or sliding sash windows repairs in Hertfordshire, then Woodmaster Joinery can definitely help you in that regard.

We provide quick repair and renovation services in Hertfordshire and other neighbouring areas. Whatever problem your box or sliding sash windows may have, we can solve it using our topnotch expertise and experience, systematic work process and sophisticated tools.

Our professionals make sure that your box sash windows in Hertfordshire are maintained in the best possible manner while avoiding unnecessary expenses at the same time. They carry out an in-depth exacting process to identify the specific problems, parts that need to be replaced or repaired, etc. They also provide you an accurate estimation of costs before starting any repair/restoration work. So, you won’t confront any unpleasant surprises in the end.

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We offer foolproof solution to any sash window problem so that it won’t crop up again for a long time. All box and sliding sash windows in Hertfordshire are thoroughly inspected for their proper installation and functioning after our repair/restoration work.

Our experienced team undertakes an exacting process mentioned below:

  • Upper and lower sashes removed and completely inspected
  • Minor damages repaired with epoxy resin filler
  • Major damages repaired by the splicing in of new timber
  • Loose joints strengthened, glued and clamped
  • All pulleys lubricated
  • Sliding sashes sanded smooth and the sides waxed
  • Redundant paint removed
  • Faulty putty and beads are removed and replaced
  • Draft proofing fitted
  • New waxed cotton sash cords fitted (or sash chains if appropriate)
  • Bare timber treated with clear primer preservative, which contains fungicide and insecticide
  • A final inspection made to ensure the sash is correctly fitted and moves without difficulty

For further details about sash window repairs in Hertfordshire, kindly visit our specialist Sash Repair website

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